Saturday, May 8, 2010

Breaking a Nicotine Addiction with Electronic Cigarettes

A nicotine addiction can be very hard to break. Many people have tried over the years to quit smoking with little success. Now manufacturers have come up with an electronic cigarette that may be just what you need to stop once and for all.

Although many of these manufacturers state their product is not designed as a smoking cessation aid, people have found that it does work to help break the habit. Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or personal vaporizers, are little devices which are powered by batteries.

These devices allow you to ingest nicotine in a manner very similar to traditional cigarettes, but produce no smoke and do not contain many of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes.The benefits of using an electronic cigarette to break your Nicotine Addiction are numerous. First and foremost, although you will still be putting nicotine into your body, you will not be compounding this by taking in tar and other chemicals.

Also, you have more control over the amount of nicotine you are inhaling. Refill cartridges come in a variety of strengths for your usage. If you are trying to break your addiction, you can start with cartridges containing the highest amount of nicotine and slowly decrease this level over time. Many former smokers will tell you this is the only way they found to allow them to quit.

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